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Create Your Very Own Wine Tradition in the Heart of Vienna!

...The wineBANK located in the medieval building known as the “Kipferlhaus”, just a few minutes on foot from St. Stephen's Cathedral, offers you a great opportunity to do just this. Wine and Vienna have long been inextricably bound up together. The Celts were already cultivating grapes here about 500 B.C. And many of the present city districts were still vineyards in the Middle Ages. In a way one could say that Vienna was built on wine and therefore it seemed to us to be the perfect location for the opening of Austria's first wineBANK.

We are property developers, art lovers and epicureans. When we were refurbishing the Kipferlhaus to restore it to its former glory, it was important to us to preserve as many of the original features of the building as possible. We wanted to once again bring out the architectural gems of this edifice in sharp relief. One such feature was the beautiful vaulted cellar. It did not take long to realize that we had found something really special here: an idyllic spot for all those esthetes like us who value the finer things in life. For people who can really appreciate the harmonious chiming together of art, architecture, viniculture and hedonism. Side by side next to outstanding wines, the cheese (known in German as Gebsenkäse after the milk bowls in which it is produced) of the Vorarlberg cheesemaker and artist Anton Sutterlüty matures behind glass in a separate part of the wineBANK. Also, a cigar lounge is available to all wineBANK members 24/7 as a special smoking facility. All this makes our wineBANK a true synthesis of the arts – and you can be a part of it.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Magister Gerhard Strasser,
Club Manager and Managing Partner of the wineBANK Vienna

Karl Weilhartner,
Managing Partner of the wineBANK Vienna

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Your Hosts

Magister Gerhard Strasser, Club Manager and Managing Partner of the wineBANK Vienna

The native from Ried in the region of the scenic Inn River in Upper Austria. He found his way to Vienna in 1998. While studying Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business in the Austrian capital, Strasser met the wine maker Mario Migsich from Burgenland. From that moment on, not only was knowledge of Business Administration amassed but also that of wine expertise. His studies were followed by seven successful years in the Raiffeisen Group (dealing with leasing and transport fleet management). The year of 2011 saw Strasser taking over the management of the newly founded company depox GmbH. He proceeded to launch the innovative garage product of depox – "Made in Austria" on the market.

The refurbishment of the historic Kipferlhaus then paved the way for him to break into the real estate business. In 2013, he completed his training as a property developer and real estate agent. In order to create a suitable framework for the handling of countless operational businesses that had developed in the meantime, Strasser founded the Immoschmiede GmbH with the architect Kerstin Hetfleisch at the beginning of 2015. The Immoschmiede deals with all manner of activities revolving around property development and refurbishment of rented apartments, architecture and real estate brokerage. But it is especially the developing of property which always presents the Immoschmiede team with new and exciting challenges. So, it is a particular pleasure for Strasser that the first "wineBANK" of Austria has found its home in the cellar of the Kipferlhaus. No other use could be more perfect for a medieval vaulted cellar!

Gerhard Strasser charges up his batteries when enjoying rides on his 1951 Vespa and sidecar that he took pride in personally revamping. His love of all things that are well preserved stretches from historic buildings and vehicles right up to a perfectly aged wine.

Karl Weilhartner, Managing Partner of the wineBANK Vienna

Karl Weilhartner, born in Upper Austria in 1954, lives both in Ried in the Inn region and in Vienna. He is married and has two grown-up daughters. Following commercial training, the young Weilhartner immediately began to devote his career to the world of real estate. As a fully trained business consultant, he built up an operations system based on partnership in his own real estate and construction company. Thus, he was able to accompany countless investors in their property commitments. But today Weilhartner no longer handles operational business, nor does he hold the innumerable positions on management boards, supervisory boards and foundation councils any longer.

In 2007, Karl Weilhartner was awarded the title of "Commercial Councillor" by the Republic of Austria – as recognition for his public commitment when representing the Chamber of Commerce and the Preservation of Historic Monuments. The restoring of historic buildings in tune with their original appearance always constituted a major focus in Weilhartner’s companies. Today, Weilhartner is concerned with the developing and overseeing of his own historic properties such as Schloss Ennsegg, Schloss Hackledt and the medieval Kipferlhaus in Vienna, where the wineBANK is also located.

As a hotelier and owner of castles, Weilhartner derives a great deal of pleasure from blending art, historic buildings with culinary delights. In the fall of 2015, he staged a large-format picture exhibition featuring the artist Alexander Waltner in the courtyard of Schloss Ennsegg.

wineBANK Vienna
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