wineBANK Rheingau Renting Compartments

Selecting Wine Vault & Booking Compartment

Only 7 compartments available at present

Vault Compartment (BTL) Price
Tresor 3 313 (56/1) €59.00
Tresor 3 321 (35/1) €49.00
Tresor 5 526 (150/1) €139.00
Tresor 6 625 (150/1) €139.00
Tresor 7 707 (35/1) €49.00
Tresor 8 800 (332/1) €199.00
Tresor 1 138 (105/1) €89.00

  • Storing of your own wines
  • Your private space in elegant surroundings
  • Access with your Member's Card around the clock, 365 days a year
  • Sparklingly clean wine glasses and bottled water provided in self-service bars
  • Insurance cover for your wines
  • Being part of a growing enophile community
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Additional benefits with local partner firms
  • Access to a growing number of wineBANK locations
  • Filling service for your compartment


The wineBANK is an exclusive location boasting the character of a stylish club. The wineBANK is exclusively available for use by wineBANKers, i.e. those people renting a compartment in the wineBANK. There is just one exception: even if you are not a wineBANKer it is possible to book a wine tasting event hosted by Balthasar Ress employees or by owners of a vineyard. Hiring the wineBANK for other purposes is, however, not possible for non-wineBANKers. But tours of our premises are conducted for all those interested (by appointment only).
The wineBANK is an exclusive location created for the storing of magnificent wines. But it is also a meeting place, somewhere to enjoy communicating with like-minded people where wines can be tasted and enjoyed. If, as a wineBANKer, you wish to use the wineBANK for any other reason, e.g. your own commercial purposes, (holding a presentation, giving a talk, organizing wine tasting with a commentary or perhaps as part of a business tour of the Rheingau), it is essential that you first obtain our express consent before doing so. Usually such events are only permitted to take place outside core business hours with a supplementary fee being charged for the use of the premises. We will be pleased to advise you in such matters.
The wineBANK always has its doors open for every single wineBANKer. Even if you have booked, for example, a wine tasting event in the wineBANK with us or you have arranged a visit for a larger group (see next paragraph), that does not necessarily mean that you will have the entire wineBANK to yourself. Always be prepared to rub shoulders there with other interesting people who share the same burning passion for wine as you do. So, if you really would like to have a venue where you and your guests enjoy the privilege of being a private party, then we would recommend that you reserve one of our rooms in the manor house instead of meeting in the wineBANK.
As a wineBANKer you naturally always expect that a stylish, wonderfully tranquil ambience is waiting to greet you on arrival. In order to ensure such peaceful exclusiveness, every wineBANKer's card grants admission to a total of 6 people. If you have a card but wish to visit the wineBANK frequently with more than 6 guests, then it would be advisable to consider applying for a partner card. This would entitle you to bring along 6 more people. Should you wish to visit the wineBANK with more persons than your card(s) would permit, you are obliged to inform us of your intentions in advance. The use of the wineBANK Rheingau can only be granted to one larger group at a time. This is how we are able to ensure that the desired atmosphere, so characteristic of the wineBANK, prevails at all times. Therefore, it is best to contact us as early as possible and to only begin planning your visit after it has been approved. From a certain number of people upwards, we reserve the right to calculate an additional charge for use of the premises. Incidentally a subsequent charge is always levied if the wineBANK facilities have been used in contravention of our regulations, i.e. a larger party arrived without our having been given prior notice.

We regularly stage events on set dates when we extend an invitation to the wineBANKer´s Table (exclusive to wineBANKers and their guests) and to after work banking (for wineBANKers and non-wineBANKers who have been invited; do you want to come along, too? Just get in touch with us, that's all it takes!) On such occasions it is highly likely that more guests than usual will be enjoying a visit to the wineBANK.
All things considered, the wineBANK is a club which is accessible to an exclusive circle of people. Consequently, we function here in a self-sufficient way. We, as operators of the wineBANK, ensure that all the facilities of the wineBANK are thoroughly cleaned every morning, that fresh glasses are available every day, that mineral water supplies and the like are replenished. But in the course of an evening, it is the wineBANKers themselves who see to it that everything runs smoothly and indeed self-sufficiently, simply by observing a few important rules. We trust that you, as a considerate wineBANKer, will always leave the wineBANK, particularly the tables and the tasting counter, in the same state as you would wish to find it. And before leaving, please ensure that all used glasses and opened or empty bottles are placed in the areas intended for such used utensils. Please also return all used wine accessories and wine cooling collars to their usual places. Dispose of all garbage in the trash can located in the tasting counter. Wipe clean the counter's surface especially if anything has spilled over. We are most grateful to you for this help and so are the next guests!
Every guest visiting the wineBANK, and that includes you, expects and can indeed always be sure that he or she will find the wineBANK immaculately turned out at all times. A bowl of potato salad carried in and set on the tasting counter or a counter littered with crumbs would undoubtedly cloud the vista we wish to create. And, furthermore, such a scenario is not hygienic. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to bring any of your own meals onto our premises. Similarly, it is not permitted to engage any delivery services or outside caterers, etc. The only exception to this rule is the service offered by our exclusive wineBANK partner "Diktatur des Geschmacks". After having received an advance booking from you, the "Diktatur des Geschmacks" catering team will be at your disposal around the clock. You feel that the prices are a little higher than those of other caterers? You're absolutely right! This is caused not least by the fact that the Diktatur des Geschmacks team, as our exclusive partner, is obliged to collect and clear away any dishes or food leftovers etc. immediately after you leave the wineBANK (even if this is late in the night). The tasting counter is also to be cleaned immediately so that the next guests arriving will find this in a pristine condition.
The wineBANK courtyard, especially in the evening when the lights go on, offers you and your guests a stylish entrance to the wineBANK. Parked cars have no place in such an elegant scene. Therefore, we would kindly ask you and your guests to always park your vehicles outside the courtyard, for example in the Rheinallee. However, when loading or unloading wine it is perfectly in order for you to park in the courtyard.
The wineBANK is a stylish venue oozing esthetic sophistication. In order to show consideration to all other guests present, we would request that you dress appropriately when you visit. We do not wish to lay down a more detailed ruling here as we are sure your intuition and good taste will find the right kind of attire for our wineBANK events. A pair of smart sneakers and classy jeans would certainly be quite acceptable to other wineBANKers. But arriving in shorts or barefoot would certainly be inappropriate.
The wineBANK is, of course, all about wine. The storing and the drinking of any other beverages in the wineBANK, with the exception of mineral water, are activities which are understandably not permitted. A cool glass of beer after the hard work of wine tasting is something favored by many. If this appeals to you, Hattenheim with its tempting gastronomy is within easy walking distance.
The wineBANK is not the right place for children. Everything in the wineBANK revolves around wine – an alcoholic beverage. For that very reason alone, children should not be admitted to the wineBANK. Furthermore, experience has shown us that the many stones found in the wineBANK encourage children to play, a fact which automatically involves risks for all the bottles of wine stored with us and also for the orderliness of our premises. Consequently, access to the wineBANK is restricted to persons of 18 years of age and over. Any person contravening this ruling will always be made liable for all damage caused or for any cleaning up required.
The wineBANK is a place for the savoring, smelling and tasting of wine and therefore animals are not admitted.
When your compartment is allocated to you, explicit instructions will be given regarding the escape door and the consequences of using it inappropriately. Please consider the possible curiosity of your guests regarding what lies behind this door, especially when they are in a merry mood after drinking good wines. Kindly instruct them of the consequences of improper use of this door. Opening this escape door triggers a silent alarm. One of our staff members is automatically informed. If necessary, this person then has to drive immediately to check the situation and ascertain that no danger is present. If no member of staff is on duty, a security firm is automatically informed. We therefore ask you to appreciate that, if improper use of this door occurs, we will be compelled to make a charge of €250.
Legal Details
Planning and Implementation: smp Mühlhause Freimuth & Partner GbR
wineBANK Rheingau
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