Overview of Mainz Wine Vaults (Level 2)


  • Storing of your own wines
  • Your private space in elegant surroundings
  • Access with your Members' Card around the clock, 365 days a year
  • Sparklingly clean wine glasses and bottled water provided in self-service bars
  • Insurance cover for your wines
  • Being part of a growing enophile community
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Additional benefits with local partner firms
  • Access to a growing number of wineBANK® locations


The areas where the wines are actually cellared are reserved exclusively for wineBANKers.
The wineBANK is an exclusive location created for the storing of magnificent wines. But it is also a Private Members’ Club, a place to enjoy communicating with like-minded people where good wines can be tasted and enjoyed. If, as a wineBANKer, you wish to use the wineBANK for any other reason, e.g. your own commercial purposes (holding a presentation, giving a talk or organizing wine tastings, etc.), it is essential that you first obtain our consent before doing so.
The wineBANK always has its doors open for every single wineBANKer. Even if you have booked, for example, a wine tasting event in the wineBANK with us or you have arranged a visit for a larger group, that does not necessarily mean that you will have the entire wineBANK to yourself. Always be prepared to rub shoulders there with other interesting people who share the same burning passion for wine as you do.
The wineBANK enjoys functioning in a largely autonomous way in the actual areas concerned with wine storage. We, as operators of the wineBANK, ensure that all the facilities of the wineBANK are thoroughly cleaned every morning, that fresh glasses are available every day, that mineral water supplies and the like are replenished. But in the course of an evening, it is the wineBANKers themselves who see to it that everything runs smoothly and indeed self-sufficiently, simply by observing a few important rules. We trust that you, as a considerate wineBANKer, will always leave the wineBANK in the same state as you would wish to find it. And before leaving, please ensure that all used glasses and opened or empty bottles are placed in the areas intended for such used utensils. Please also return all used wine accessories to their usual places. Dispose of all garbage in the trash can located in the tasting counter. Wipe clean the counter's surface especially if anything has spilled over. We are most grateful to you for this help and so are the next guests!
As a wineBANKer you naturally always expect that a stylish, wonderfully tranquil ambience is waiting to greet you on arrival. In order to ensure such peaceful exclusiveness, every wineBANKer’s card grants admission to a total of 4 people. If you have a card but wish to visit the wineBANK frequently with more than 4 guests, then it would be advisable to consider applying for a partner card. This would entitle you to bring along 4 more people. Should you wish to visit the wineBANK with more persons than your card(s) would permit, you are obliged to inform us of your intentions in advance. Therefore, it is best to contact us as early as possible and to only begin planning your visit after it has been approved. From a certain number of people upwards, we reserve the right to calculate an additional charge for use of the premises.

We regularly stage events on set dates when we extend an invitation to the wineBANKer´s Table (exclusive to wineBANKers and their guests). These dates will be announced in good time on the website at www.winebank.de. On such occasions it is highly likely that more guests than usual will be enjoying a visit to the wineBANK.
The temperature in the wine storage areas is optimized to suit the storing of wines. The optimal drinking temperature for white wines, sparkling wines and champagne is below this level. For these wines we have a chiller cabinet at your disposal where you can drop the temperature by a few degrees within a few minutes.
The wineBANK Mainz does not have its own parking lot. We would therefore suggest that you park your car, for example, in the adjacent „Kupferbergterrasse“ parking garage. However, when loading or unloading wine it is perfectly in order for you to halt in the loading zone directly in front of our entrance in Terrassenstrasse 18.
Basically the wineBANK is not suitable for the consumption of food. However, breads, snacks, tapas etc. can be ordered by wineBANKers but only from the selected catering partners of the wineBANK.
The wineBANK is a stylish venue oozing esthetic sophistication. For this reason, and in order to show consideration to all other guests present, we would request that you dress appropriately when you visit. We do not wish to lay down a more detailed ruling here as we are sure your intuition and good taste will find the right kind of attire for our wineBANK events. A pair of smart sneakers and classy jeans would certainly be quite acceptable to other wineBANKers.

We trust you appreciate we cannot be made liable for loss or damage to items left in the cloakroom.
wineBANK Mainz
For all questions about your contract and the location Mainz our team would be pleased to assist you

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