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Of all the metropolitan cities in Germany, Cologne has an outstanding historical significance as a wine trading city and is in close proximity to the Ahr and Mittelrhein wine regions. The river Rhine has been symbolic in connecting Cologne with Germany's wine hubs.

A few years ago, we acquired the listed warehouse building and wine cellar of the former winery Otto Engels. From the very beginning, we were aware of the significance of this property for the historic wine-trading city of Cologne. However, we are only able to make this exceptional monument available to Cologne as a wineBANK following a careful planning process in coordination with monument preservation and city planning. Starting in the fall of 2017, at a location where wine once used to be stored, you can now meet like-minded connoisseurs in a cozy atmosphere and take in the spirit of good wine. We create a contemporary setting of space, light, temperature and storage conditions in a historic vaulted cellar. As a member, you have year-round access to the wine cellar and your wine stored there. Special wine events will open the doors to the world’s top wineries. We look forward to welcoming you.

Andreas Frey, Mairéad Frey and Claudia Stern,
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Your Hosts

Developer Dr. Andreas Frey

As a regional real estate developer, Andreas Frey has completed numerous projects over the years, particularly in the realm of building preservation. Each of these projects is unique and demanding in their very own way. Many of the projects have been built for eternity, such as the conversion of two listed above-ground bunkers in Bonn. None of the projects however are as exciting as the historic wine cellar of the Otto Engels winery. An exquisite atmosphere, optimum storage conditions with state-of-the-art technology as well as the preservation of the historic building substance are a personal aspiration so that WineBANKERs and their guests can enjoy the wine they store at all times.

Wine Ambassador Claudia Stern (left)

Claudia Stern would be pleased to assist you in all topics pertaining to the wineBANK and wines. She and her team will take care of everything to organize the perfect ambiance for you: glasses, coolers, decanters and mineral water, and upon request, the perfect event and catering service. Her connection to the city of Cologne is extensive as is her network in the wine world in Germany and abroad. She knows which wines to store and where to buy them. Her expertise is also in high demand for vintage wines. Claudia Stern will also introduce you to the latest products of new avantgarde winemakers during our regular wineBANKer's Tables and always provide delightful new surprises.

wineBANK Cologne Managing Director Mairéad Frey

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Club manager Claudia Stern

Owner of wineBANK Cologne

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